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Seifpanahi Shabani Jabar

جبار سیف پناهی شعبانی، یاسر گنجی
رابطه اعتبار برند و وفاداری مشتریان بر اساس مدل سویینی و سوایت
The relationship between brand credibility and customers loyalty based on Sweeney and Swaite model

Introduction: From the perspective of Sweeney and Swaite (2008) brand credibility is created by activity years and relation with customers, acting to what is promised to customers and also providing goods and services with superior quality or at least desirable for customers, that is result of the ability and expertise of company. This credibility arise only through duplicate interactions customers and company over time (1). Customer loyalty to the brand cusses word of mouth advertising (2). Firms can maintain profitability and their survival in the competitive market through recognize of customers needs, eliminate it’s via innovation and maintaining and improving quality, and most importantly having loyal customer (3). According to the above researcher's question is that if credibility of brand cusses loyalty of customers or not?     Research methodology: the method of this research was descriptive – survey. The statistical population containing all of sporting goods customers with UHLSPORT brand in Tehran city at 2015. Base on Cochran formula for indefinite communities, 384 individual were selected as statistical sample by available method. Sweeney and Swaite Standard questionnaire was used for gather the data. The Collected data were analyzed using SPSS20 software and Pearson correlation test. Result:  Analyses of the data showed that, there is a significant and positive correlation between brand credibility and satisfaction, loyalty commitment and continues commitment. Also there is a significant and positive correlation between satisfaction, loyalty commitment and continues commitment with word of mouth advertising. But there is a significant and negative correlation between satisfaction, loyalty commitment and continues commitment with switching propensity. Discussion: According to the result, to sporting goods manufacturers propose for more loyally of customers by considering to the needs of customer, with production of suitable and good quality goods and After-sales services strengthen your brand credibility



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