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Majid Meghdadi

Elaheh Golzardi, Majid Meghdadi and Abdolbaghi Ghaderzade
Improving Ranking Persian Subjects in Search Engine Using Fuzzy Inference System
بهبود رتبه‏ بندی مطالب فارسی در موتور جستجو با استفاده از سیستم فازی

According to the research, the efficiency of the search engines which done the rankings of Farsi content was much lower than the English search engines. After reviewing the literature, we found that, so far there been no ratings Persian system with fuzzy system and however, due to its proven performance in the field of fuzzy systems, also a search engine designed to accomplish this goal. Therefore, we prefer to advance this goal, so we establish a fuzzy inference system. It is created with the best evidence that can be considered to have been largely bringing the intended page to a user. Proposed method, display the relevant pages to the user in order to allow users to reach to their intended pages with less time and less cost. Also, in order to evaluate this method, Comparisons with other search engines was done.



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