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Majid Meghdadi

Hamideh Kavandi ,  Majid Meghdadi and Morteza Bayat
A Method for Optimizing of the Energy Consumption in  Wireless Sensor Networks by Dynamic Selection of  Cluster Head using Fuzzy Logic
ارائه یک روش جهت مصرف بهینه انرژی در شبکه های حسگر با استفاده از انتخب داینامیک سرخوشه ها با استفاده از منطق فازی

Clustering is an effective approach for organizing wireless sensor networks into a load balancing and prolonging the network lifetime. Selecting appropriate cluster heads, the number of clusters and how they are formed are always important parameters for proposed clustering algorithms. Due to the lack of complex computation in fuzzy systems, fuzzy logic can be a proper method for clustering which reduces the calculating overheads. In this paper, by using fuzzy logic a method,is proposedfor optimized network clustering. In this method, each sensor node calculates a suitability degree for itself by fuzzy inference system with the residual energy, number of neighbors and centrality parameters. Unlike most methods that perform reclustering in all rounds, In this method re-clustering occurs only when there is a relative decrease in the energy level of cluster head nodes. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method performs better than well-known LEACH and CHEF protocols in terms of extending network lifetime and saving energy.



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