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Mohammad Bagheri

Mohammad Bagheri , Somayeh Safavi
The Role of Sustainable  Development in Child-Friendly Communities  to Improve Children’s Health and Well-Being(Case Study:Zanjan ,Iran)
 توسعه پایدار در محلات دوستدار کودک به منظور ارتقای سلامت جسمی وروانی  کودکان(مورد پژوهی در زنجان، ایران)

Sustainable  development  has  an  important  role  in  creating  children-friendly  communities especially on designing neighborhood open spaces to improve the children’s health and wellbeing. This paper explores the children and their parents’ ideas about the quality of residential environments with focus on  a  new  neighborhood  in  Zanjan  city,  Iran.  The  research  method  is  based  on  the  analysis  of  the neighborhood open space design by observing of the children behavior and recording the parents’ ideas.  Random sample parents on the neighborhood were answered the qualitative questions and the children wereasked to paint their cognitive maps and models about ideal healthy neighborhood. The results of the study show  that  natural  characteristics  of  community  design,  social  contacts  of  the  children  and  parents  with neighbors  ,environmental  safety  and  security  and  physical  activity  in  playgrounds  have  the  main    role  in making  child-friendly communities. Using sustainable design paradigm can improve the children’s physical health and psychological wellbeing



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