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Aurang Kavousi

Hamid Reza Sarraf Moayeri, Hossein Porasgari, Aurang Kavousi, Maryam Rashki
Demographic parameters of dried fruit mite Carpoglyphus lactis (L.) (Acari: Carpoglyphidae) on bakrer's yeast in two different temperatures
ارامترهای رشد جمعیت کنۀ میوۀ خشک Carpoglyphus lactis (Acari: Carpoglyphidae) روی مخمر نان در دو دمای مختلف

Dried fruit mite, Carpoglyphus lactis (L) in addition to be considered as one of the serious and economic pests of some stored products also is used as an alternative prey for commercially mass rearing of predatory mites. In this study, life table parameters of dried fruit mite were examined on bakrer's yeast under laboratory conditions at 20 and 25 °C, 70±5 relative humidity and full darkness, based on age-stage, two-sex life table theory. The intrinsic rate of increase (r), finite rate of population increase (λ) and the mean generation time (T) at 20 °C were 0.287 day-1, 1.333 day-1 and 16.7 days, respectively and at 25 °C were 0.383 day-1, 1.467 day-1 and 11.87 days. A significant difference was observed between mentioned parameters in two temperatures (P< 0.01). Likewise there was a significant difference between the value of gross reproductive rate (GRR) (P<0.05), but no significant difference was observed between net reproductive rate (R0) in two temperatures (P> 0.05). The obtained information in this study will be useful for the optimization of C. lactis mass rearing conditions.



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