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Simin Hagh Nazari

Simin Hagh Nazari
Impact of using infrared irradiation energy in food processing
کاربرد امواج مادون قرمز در صنایع غذایی

A number of novel food preserving technologies are currently being investigated as possible alternatives to traditional techniques for delivery of safe and nutritious foods with ability of economical preference. Infrared heating is an alternative preservation method with higher thermal efficiency which transfers thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Recent applications of infrared heating indicate this technology is a viable alternate for the pasteurization of liquid foods. Likewise, infrared radiation has many applications in processing of solid foods, in the case of blanching, dehydration, freeze-dehydration, thawing, roasting, baking, and cooking some grains. Infrared irradiation technology can also decontaminate foodstuffs prior to final packaging or in-package of both liquid and solid foods with retaining higher levels of health promoting compounds. This paper provides the potential of profitability of infrared irradiation technology in food production operations and even its uses in Chemical analyze and monitoring the microbiological status of a product.



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