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Gholamreza Mojaradi

Gholamreza Mojarradi and Esmail Karamidehkordi
Factors influencing practical training quality in Iranian agricultural higher education
عوامل موثر بر کیفیت آموزش عملی در نظام آموزش عالی کشاورزی در ایران

This paper presents an analysis of the factors influencing the practical training quality of agricultural higher education programmes from the senior students’ perspective. The study was conducted in two public universities located in the north-west of Iran using a cross-sectional survey and structured interviews with a randomised sample of 254 agricultural senior students. The students reported that they received low-quality practical training throughout their agricultural courses. In order for there to be an improvement in the quality of practical training, three elements are essential: active participation of academic staff, effective interorganisational communication with private and public institutions, and active participation of students in the curriculum. Establishing a strong linkage between universities and relevant institutions could provide the required facilities and an effective learning environment for the students through internship opportunities outside universities and would prepare them for the labour market.



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