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Gholamreza Mojaradi

غلامرضا مجردی، زینب شاهقلیان قهفرخی و جعفر یعقوبی
 بررسي عوامل موثر بر موفقيت تعاوني هاي دامپروري در شهرستان خدابنده
factors affecting the success of livestock cooperatives in khodabandeh township

The Livestock cooperatives have key role in supply of the most fundamental protein and dairy foods. So influencing factors on success of livestock cooperatives should be evaluate by serious attention to their development and growth factors. This survey-  descriptive research was carried out to investigate the influencing factors on success of livestock cooperatives in the Khodabandeh Township. A questionnaire was used for data collection that validated by an academic group of agricultural extension and education experts. Its reliability was determined by Cronbach's alpha that was 0.78 for success index. The statistical population of the study consisted of 220 livestock cooperatives members’ that 140 persons of them were selected by random sampling. The SPSS software was used for data analysis. Results revealed that influencing factors on success of livestock cooperatives divided to 9 categories namely educational, personal, economic, managerial, organizational, social, communication, cultural and marketing. These factors were able to explained 73.15 % of the total variance of cooperatives success in the livestock sector. Applied recommendations were presented based on research findings.



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