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Gholamreza Mojaradi

زینب احمدی، جعفر یعقوبی، مهدی قهرمانی، غلامرضا مجردی
نگرش و دانش فني كشاورزان استان زنجان نسبت به كاربرد آموزش و يادگيري سيار
Attitude and Technical Knowledge of Zanjan Farmers Toward Agricultural Mobile Training and Learning Applications

The purpose of this research was to assessing the attitude and knowledge of Zanjan farmers towards agricultural mobile learning applications related factors. descriptive applied approach was used to do the study. Statistical population consisted of two groups of farmers in Zanjan including 3100 farmers trained in 2011 and 350 farmers who had participated in mobile learning courses. Sample size was determined using Cochran formula and samples were selected using multi-stage sampling method.Questionnaire was the main tool of the study. Validity of the questionnaire was approved through judgment of a panel of faculty members and experts. In order to measure reliability of the questionnaire, Cronbach Alpha coefficient were calculated for the main scales of the questionnaire (α1=0.89, α2=0.73 ). The result showed that farmers, attitude to mobile learning is at the moderate level. Farmers' knowledge about mobile learning was 9.67 out of 20 indicating that their knowledge was at low level. Also results showed that there was a positive correlation between variables education, income, number of mobile devices used by farmers, understand the limitations and realize the benefits of mobile learning and knowledge score. ANOVA results showed that there is significant statistical difference between farmers' knowledge and attitude in --- cities of the Province. Farmers' knowledge about mobile learning experienced in mobile learning was significantly higher than inexperienced farmers in mobile learning



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