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Seifpanahi Shabani Jabar

Jabar Seifpanahi Shabani, Amin Khatibi
Detect and analysis of effective factors on progress of the Iranian Volleyball at championship level
تبیین و تحلیل عوامل موثر بر پیشرفت والیبال ایران در سطح قهرمانی

Objective: The aim of this research was detect and analysis of effective factors on progress of the Iranian volleyball at championship level. Methodology: The research was done with qualitative approach and content analysis method. The required information obtained from literature review and interviews with experts of volleyball. The study population included managers of Volleyball Federation and clubs, coaches and players of Volleyball clubs and Iranian national volleyball teams, as well as expert professors in the field of volleyball. Sampling was targeted; And 18 deep and semi-structured interviews were conducted until the point of theoretical saturation. The collected information from interviews analyzed in three levels; open, axial and selective coding. Results: In the analysis of data, six factors detected as effective factors on the progress of the Iranian volleyball; management and strategic planning, efficient coaches, find talent process, investing on youth teams, financial and material resources, training camps and procurement competitions. Also experts stressed on financial and moral support of coaches and national champions as an important vacuum. Conclusion: Pay attention to the detected factors, particularly financial and moral support of coaches and national champions, in addition to consolidation of the existing status, can contribute to further progress of the Iranian volleyball. Also detected factors can be used as a plan and road map by other sports federations in order to faster progress.



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