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Seifpanahi Shabani Jabar

Jabar Seifpanahi Shabani, Mobin Haji Hasani
Identifying and Analyzing the Effective Factors in Promoting the National Teams of the Islamic Republic of Iran
شناسایی و تحلیل عوامل اثر گذار در ارتقای تیم های ملی جمهوری اسلامی ایران

The aim of this study is toidentify and analyzethe effectivefactors in promotingthe national teams of Iran. This study used amixed method, and the required data was collected throughdesk studies, interviews and questionnaires. The study population consisted of managers, coaches and players of the national team as well as academics in the field of sport sciences. Sampling was at the purposeful stage and12 interviews were conducted until reaching to the theoretical saturation. At the stage ofdistributing questionnaires, 384 subjects were randomly selected using Cochran's formula. Factors affecting the improvement of the national team wereidentified after desk studies and semi-structured interviews. Ultimately these factors formed a questionnaire and after confirming the validity by 12 experts and its reliability by Cronbach's alpha test, with reliability coefficient 0.94, the questionnaire were distributed to the samples, so that the importance of these factors is determined in the promotion of national teams. In desk studies and interviews with experts, 20 factors affecting the promotion of national teams were identified. The analysis of the data obtained by the questionnaire by binomial test showed that the effect of 16 factors out of 20 factors issignificantly higher than the average. Friedman's test results also showed that the main factors affecting the promotion of national teams include talent search, youth teams, financial resources, coaches, facilities and equipment, procurement competition, and management stability, respectively. Planning on the explained factors can contribute to the promotion of national teams.



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