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Seifpanahi Shabani Jabar

Jabar Seifpanahi Shabani, Hassan Gharehkhani
The Role of Sport Marketing Mix in Generating Revenue for Football Clubs
نقش آمیخته بازاریابی ورزشی در درآمدزایی باشگاه های فوتبال

Introduction and purpose: Marketing mix is a tool which can be used by administrators to achieve their goals. This research investigated the role of sports marketing mix in generating revenue for football clubs. Methodology: Data for this mixed method research was obtained from library studies, interviews with experts, and questionnaires. The statistical population comprised employees of the Football Federation, football clubs, and universities in the field of sports marketing. Theoretical sampling was conducted in the qualitative stage and interviews continued to the point of saturation. The whole statistical population was sampled in the quantitative stage. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics including Kolmogrov-Smirnov test, one-sample T test, paired sample T test, and Friedman test were used to analyze the data. Findings: The results showed that each element of the sports marketing mix apart from price had a positive and significant impact on generating revenue for football clubs. Conclusion: Based on the importance and the role of sports marketing mix in generating revenue for football clubs, it is recommended that club managers strive to choose an appropriate marketing mix.



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