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Seifpanahi Shabani Jabar

حسن قره خانی، جبار سیف پناهی، شهرام فولادی حیدرلو
Designing Private Sector Participation Barriers Model in Iranian Football Clubs
طراحی مدل موانع خصوصی سازی باشگاه های فوتبال ایران

The aim of this study was to design private sector participation barriers model in Iranian football clubs that is done using exploratory–descriptive method. Professional football clubs managers at football federation top managers and sport management and other sport experts familiar with football clubs were selected as research sample (N= 150). Questionnaire (Validity was confirmed, Reliability (0/87) was used for Data gathering. Descriptive statis, Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis were applied for data analysis. Excell, Amos and Spss were used. The most important barrier is economic (0/79), then legal(0/63) and structural (0/4)at last. Managerial barriers were not confirmed in final model. Economic barriers have to a large extent prevented achieving privatization objective of football clubs. So, we suggested that government, sport managers provide Commercial making actions to increase football clubs income sources. Also legal and structural changes are necessary before privatization. Otherwise, as in the past years the privatization of football clubs would be a dream.



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