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Eslam Javadnia

 Eslam Javadnia, Ali Akbar Abkar and Per Schubert
Estimation of High-Resolution Surface Shortwave Radiative Fluxes Using SARA AOD over the Southern Great Plains

Atmospheric aerosol optical depth (AOD) plays a determinant role in estimations of surface shortwave (SW) radiative fluxes. Therefore, this study aims to develop a hybrid scheme to produce surface SW fluxes, based on AOD at 1-km spatial resolution retrieved from the Simplified Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm (SARA) and several Terra MODIS land and atmospheric products (i.e., geolocation properties, water vapor amount, total ozone column, surface reflectance, and top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiance). Estimations based on SARA were made over the Southern Great Plains (SGP) under cloud-free conditions in 2014 and compared with estimations based on the latest Terra MODIS AOD product at 3-km resolution. Validation against ground-based measurements showed that SARA-based fluxes obtain lower RMSE and bias values compared with MODIS-based estimations. MODIS-based downward and net fluxes are satisfactory, while the direct and diffuse components are less reliable. The results demonstrate that the SARA-based scheme produces better surface SW radiative fluxes than the MODIS-based estimates provided in this and other similar studies and that these fluxes are comparable to existing CERES data products which have been tested over the SGP.



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