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Hosein Rabbi Angourani

محمود ملک زاده -حسین ربی انگورانی-علیرضا یزدی نژاد-مریم حسن-فلاده ابوندیون-سعید حضرتی 
Evaluation of Volatile Oil in Indigenous Populations of Ferula gummosa Boiss
ارزیابی روغن های فرار(اسانس) جمعیت های بومی باریجه Ferula gummosa Boiss

Abstract: Essential oil components and yield of Ferula gummosa Boiss, in different bioclimates of Iran, has been investigated. The highest essential oil versus galbanum dry weight was recorded in the samples from Ebrahim Abad (16.9 %) and the lowest amount (11 %) was measured from Angouran. Monoterpenes Hydrocabons (α-pinene (17-56.55 %), β-pinene (10.44-37.04 %), δ 3-carene (9.16-10.75 %) and Limonene (0-13.23 %)) were the predominant oils components of F. gummosa. The high variability in the oil content and composition in different populations showed a remarkable difference in monoterpenes content variation from 79.47 to 86.48 %. The highest concentration of α-pinene (56.55 %) was in the Galbanum sampled from Angouran (AG) followed by β-pinene having the highest concentration (37.04 %) from the roots samples. There was a considerable chemo-variation in the oils, the study is useful base for breeding programs of medicinal plants in order to obtain a proper line with advantageous compound as natural source for pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Key Words: Ferula gumosa, essential oils, gas chromatography, galbanum.



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