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Gholamreza Joodaki

Publications in Journals

International-ISI9.  Shamshiri, Roghayeh; Nahavandchi, Hossein; Joodaki, Gholamreza
Seasonal variation analysis of Greenland ice mass time-series
Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica (2017)  DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC8.  علی اشرف زاده افشار، غلامرضا جودکی، محمدعلی شریفی
ارزیابی منابع آب های زیرزمینی ایران با استفاده از دادههای ماهواره ثقل سنجی GRACE
Evaluation of Groundwater Resources in Iran Using GRACE Gravity Satellite Data
نشریه علمی پژوهشی علوم وفنون نقشه برداری دوره 5 شماره 4 (1395صفحات 73-84.  [Abstract  ]
International7.  Nahavandchi, H., G. Joodaki, V. Schwartz
GRACE-derived ice-mass loss spread over Greenland
Journal of Geodetic Science Issue 97 (2015P. 102 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International6.  Joodaki Gholamreza, Nahavandchi Hossein.
Mass balance and mass loss acceleration of the Greenland ice sheet (2002-2011) from GRACE gravity data
Journal of Geodetic Science  Accepted 2012.   [Abstract ]
International5.  Nahavandchi Hossein, Joodaki Gholamreza
Greenland ice-melt spread into Northwest Coast revealed by GRACE
Kart og Plan Issue 234 (2012PP. 240-25 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International4.  Joodaki Gholamreza, Nahavandchi Hossein, and Cheng Kevin
Ocean Wave Measurement Using GPS Buoys
Journal of Geodetic Science  Accepted 2013.   [Abstract ]
International-ISI3.  Nahavandchi, Hossein; Joodaki, Gholamreza
Correlation Analysis of Multipath effects in GPS-Code and Carrier phase Observations
Survey Review Issue 193 (2010PP. 206-26 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI2.  Joodaki Gholamreza, Nahavandchi Hossein
Mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet from GRACE time-variable gravity measurements
Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica Issue 197 (2012PP. 214-25 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI1.  Gholamreza Joodaki, John Wahr, and Sean Swenson
Estimating the Human Contribution to Groundwater Depletion in the Middle East, from GRACE Data, Land Surface Models, and Well Observations
Water Resources Research Vol. 10.1002/20 (2014P. 24 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

International 1.  Gholamreza Joodaki, Hossein Nahavandchi, and Kourosh Ghazavi
Steric Sea level changes from ENVISAT and GRACE in the Nordic Seas
20 years of Progress in Radar Altimetry symposium
ESA, Venice-Italy, 24 - 29 September 2012.  



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