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Ramin Kiamehr


Book title Kind of Publication Publisher Author/Authors Translator/Translators Publacation Date PDF FILE
Digital Signal Processing Using Wavelet and MATLAB   WritingUniversity of Zanjan Kiamehr R. and Gholamneya M. July 2015   
Advanced Techniques in Gravity Modelling    WritingLAP Academic Publishing, Germany July 2011 
Dynamics Planet-Book Chapter   WritingSpringer P. Tregoning and C. Rizos May 2006 
Practical Concepts in Geoid Modelling, With Geophysical and Geodynamical Interpretations   WritingLAP Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany Ramin Kiamehr May 2010 
Engineering Surveying in Practice   WritingAzad University, Zanjan Ramin Kiamehr March 2010 



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