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Hasan Bargozin

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
Design of delayed cocking pilot unit for production of petroleum coke from tabtiz petrochemical heavy resudials   ColleagueSeptember 2005August  2007
Design and construction of nanoporous silica aerogels pilot plant for 5 kg per day   ColleagueMarch 2010August  2011
Technology monitoring of petroleum upstream industry   ColleagueJanuary 2010August  2010
Reducing engine fuel consumption by ceria nanoparticles   ColleagueMay 2004July  2007
Nanotechnology solutions for petroleum upstream technological problems   LeaderApril 2010January  2012
Priority assessment of investment in development of nanotechnology in upstream petroleum industry   LeaderJuly 2007July  2010



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