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Mehri Javanian

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
2 Ezzat Mohammad Nezhad In progressApplied Probability Study of some parameters in random binary search trees and random bucket PATRICIA tries   SuperVisor
1 Jaleh Toofanpour In progressApplied Probability Protected node profile of random trees   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
16 Khadidjeh Aghamohammadi March  2019Mathematical Statistics Analysis of Kademlia searching algorithm under two random models   SuperVisor
15 Mehrdad Babadjani February  2018Mathematical Statistics Sum of positions of records in geometrical words   SuperVisor
14 Robab Nazaf-Zadeh February  2018Mathematical Statistics Difference based Ridge and Liue type estimators in semiparametric linear models   Advisor
13 Maryam Farazi September  2017Mathematical Statistics The subtree size profile for plane-oriented recursive trees   SuperVisor
12 Naghmeh Khesareh September  2017Mathematical Statistics Profile of PATRICIA trie   SuperVisor
11 Ronak Fathi December  2017Mathematical Statistics Protected nodes and fringe subtrees in random trees   SuperVisor
10 Soudabeh Karami February  2018Mathematical Statistics Maximum degree in 2-connected outerplanar graphs   SuperVisor
9 Maryam Islami September  2017Mathematical Statistics Some methods for analysis of limit law of comparisons in Quicksort   SuperVisor
8 Firooz Mahdioun-Rad February  2017Mathematical Statistics Analysis of Wiener index and its generalization in digital trees   SuperVisor
7 Ameneh Ghadimi Khesht Masdjedi September  2016Mathematical Statistics Stochastic analysis of the extra clustering model for animal group patterns   SuperVisor
6 Sara Salehi-Rad September  2016Mathematical Statistics Extremal parameters in non-crossing graphs   SuperVisor
5 Jaleh Toofanpour November  2015Mathematical Statistics Moments of maxima in geometric words with restricted growth property   SuperVisor
4 Mahboubeh Mohajeri October  2015Mathematical Statistics Influence diagnostics in ridge regression: A different approach    Advisor
3 Samira Espahbod Hozeh February  2015Mathematical Statistics Weighted depth in increasing trees    SuperVisor
2 Vahid Ebrahimi September  2014Mathematical Statistics Properties of maximum composite likelihood estimate   Advisor
1 Isa Mohebbi Hadj Alilou December  2013Mathematical Statistics Characterization based on record values and order statistics   Advisor



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