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Masoud Karbasi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
25 Zahra Dadashi February  2013Irrigation and Drainage مقایسه مدلهای هیدرودینامیک icssو Rootcanal در شبیه سازی جریان وارزیابی عملکرد شبکه های ابیاری   Advisor
24 Maryam Moghadam September  2014Irrigation and drainage Estimation of real crop evapotranspiration using sebal alghorithm   SuperVisor
23 Masoud Akbari September  2014Hydraulic structures Numerical simulation of sharp-crested weir using flow 3d   SuperVisor
22 Ali Milani November  2014Hydraulic structures Numerical simulation of arced labyrinth spillways   SuperVisor
21 Fereshteh Mohammadi August  2015Hydraulic structures Experimental investigation of the effect of cohesive material on scour rate downstream of gates    SuperVisor
20 Sajad Ghorban nejad March  2015Irrigation and drainage Monthly reference evapotranspiration modeling using gene expression programming in north west of Iran   Advisor
19 Farid Mirzae March  2015Irrigation and drainage Trend analysis of reference evapotranspiration in north west of Iran   Advisor
18 Farzaneh Davoodi February  2016Hydraulic Structures Prediction of sediment total load using soft computing techniques   SuperVisor
17 Soheila Panahi March  2016Irrigation and drainage Forecasting of reference crop evapotranspiration using artificial neural network    SuperVisor
16 Alireza Nemati October  2015Hydraulic structures Sedimentation   Advisor
15 Solmaz Asadi January  2016Hydraulic structures Effect of soil fertilizer on dispersive clay soil of Tarom’s region   SuperVisor
14 Negin Ghiasvand _FEBRUARY  2017Hydraulic structures hybrid model Forecasting of rivers flow using wavelet –GMDH   SuperVisor
13 Mohammad Ghasemian _FEBRUARY  2017Hydraulic structures Experimental investigation of the effect of cluster microforms on flow resistance   SuperVisor
12 Nasibeh Soltani September  2016Irrigation and drainage experimental study of round weir gates and scour downstream it   Advisor
11 Zahra Papi _SEPTEMBER  2017Hydraulic structures Application of ANN, GPR and ELM models to estimate total sediment load transport over sand bed rivers   SuperVisor
10 Zahra Rasuli _SEPTEMBER  2017Hydraulic structures Effect of data preprocessing method on accuracy of forecasting suspended sediment load using Artificial intelligence method   SuperVisor
9 Negin Mirmorsali _SEPTEMBER  2017Hydraulic structures Prediction of sand bed river bed-forms using artificial intelligence methods   SuperVisor
8 Mehran Rostamloo September  2017Irrigation and drainage evaluation performance of intelligent models to estimate water distribution uniformity coefficient in solid sprinkle irrigation systems   Advisor
7 Saedeh Dindar September  2017Hydraulic structures Forecasting of river quality parameters using Wavelet-GMDH hybrid model   SuperVisor
6 Kkalil Taheri In progressHydraulic structures Application of empirical wavelet transform in forecasting of river flow    SuperVisor
5 Sepideh booini In progressirrigation and draiange Application of non-direct methods to estimate soil-water characteristic curve   Advisor
4 Maryam Karbasi September  2018irrigation and draiange pplication of empirical wavelet transform in forecasting of SPEI drought index    SuperVisor
3 Karim Marzin September  2018Hydraulic structures Application of Gaussian Process Regression Models and Artificial Neural Network in Daily and Monthly Flow Forecast   SuperVisor
2 Mahsa Rostamkhani In progress Application of TRMM data in monitoring and forecasting of SPI drought index   SuperVisor
1 Roya Bahonar In progress Application of GLDAS model data in monitoring and forecasting of SPEI drought index   SuperVisor



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