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International cooperation
A general agreement on exchange and academic cooperation with the University of Jaén from Spain

MOU between the University of Zanjan and University of Jaén in Spain

The University of Zanjan and the University of Jaén in Spain signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 16/02/2018. The Jaén University was founded in 1993 and its history dates back to the fourteenth century. The university provides 40 educational programmes at graduate and postgraduate levels, such as Humanities, Education, Agricultural Sciences, Empirical Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law and Engineering in both English and Spanish. There are over 60 student exchange programmes at this university for students who want to exchange scholarship with other universities. The university is also connected to the industry and more than 500 companies are associated with this university. In this Memorandum of Understanding, the two sides agreed on the exchange of professors, researchers and students and emphasized the impact of joint collaborations and exchanges on the cultural and social development of both universities.

Date: 2018-05-20 23:19:46