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International Paleontology Research Project
International Paleontology Research Project between the professor of Zanjan University and the professors of the University of Helsinki

International Paleontology Research Project between the academic staff of the University of Zanjan and the University of Helsinki

Following an agreement between the University of Zanjan and the University of Helsinki, the university of Helsinki's professors visited Iran at the invitation of the Geological group and the International Scientific Cooperation Department of the University of Zanjan and conducted their field research in the Maragheh region. The Maragheh region, due to having fossil remains of the upper Miocene vertebrates (8 million years ago), is unique in Iran, West Asia and Eastern Mediterranean region and it has been an interesting area for international paleontologists since mid-19th century. A Part of this fossil region, which has a higher abundance, has been introduced as a national natural resource and is being monitored by the Environmental Protection Organization over the past decade.

In addition to this research, a specialized meeting for the evolutionary paleontology (with an emphasis on the vertebrate paleontology of the Maragheh's fossil), was facilitated by Dr Ghavidel Siyuki, and Dr. Majid Mirzaei Ataabadi from the University of Zanjan, through the support of the Environmental Protection Administration of Maragheh, in which they discussed their achievements in the project. Professor Mikael Fortelius and Dr. AnuKaakinen from the University of Helsinki also presented their speech regarding the role of ecology in evolution and also the results of recent studies in the Maragheh fossil region. Then Dr. Mirzai Ataabadi spoke about the Maragheh fossil complex and two Ph.D. students also presented their research results in the Maragheh fossil region. The meeting was held in the sidelines of the 20th National Conference and the 8th International Biological Congress on 31 August 2018 in Maragheh.


Date: 2018-09-25 02:48:48