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University of Zanjan’s Professor in Inauguration of Laboratory
Invitation of Mr. Dr. Azimzade, University of Zanjan’s Professor for Presence in Inauguration of Laboratory in Austria’s Montan University

Compound laboratory Raman-TERS-AFM is one of the newest NanoRaman platforms in Europe which was inaugurated through an especial ceremony in Geology and Operational Geophysics Department of Montan Leoben in Austria. This laboratory is mobilized using Horiba LabRAM HR Evolution machine and is practiced for high quality measuring in geology and physics. In official inaugural ceremony of this laboratory which was held in 9th, April, 2019 with attendance of professionals and experts of geology and physics, there was an invitation for Mr. Dr. Amir Morteza Azimzade who is one of the faculty members of the Geology Departement of the University of Zanjan. In this ceremony some lectures had been given by professors and researchers of Montan Leoben University and Horiba Company. These lectures were about:

Raman in Mineralogy

Raman in Geology

SPM in Nanostructure Research

Know more about your 2D Material with Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy combined with other SPM Methods

Date: 2019-05-20 11:28:33