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Vice President of Education

The main task of the Education Administration is to facilitate planning programming and an effective educational environment for the academic staff and students through faculties and departments performing different educational levels’ educational plans. The main tasks of this field can be expressed as follows:

  1. Administration of all educational affairs of the University.
  2. Studying and deciding about educational affairs by the competent authorities’ helping.
  3. Monitoring educational bylaw and rules’ implementation by monitoring office of the University.
  4. Codification and suggesting performance principles of educational affairs.
  5. Supervising the quality of related unit’s performance.
  6. Editing agenda of the University’s educational council.
  7. Educational affairs’ planning in cooperation with the relevant units.
  8. . supervising the implementation of plans and educational activities of each faculty and report to the Board of Directors
  9. Evaluating functions of the University’s education and reflecting that to the president of the University and announcing the result of evaluation to professors.
  10. Cooperation with the department of mastering assistant about affairs of mastering terms.
  11. The implementation of short-term training courses

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