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Heydar Gholizadeh

حیدر قلی زاده، محمد بادسار، زهره رستمیان
شیوع ناامنی غذایی در خانوارهای روستایی شهرستان کرمانشاه و بررسی عوامل اقتصادی-اجتماعی مؤثر بر آن
Prevalence of Food Insecurity in among Rural Households in Kermanshah County and Investigating its Influencing Socio-Economic Factors

Food security, globally, is an important issue that has been seriously considered in recent years in Iran. Food insecurity and hunger can made the physical, social and mental adverse effects. Hence, food security for the community is one of the major socio-economic development targets. This study aimed to assess the food insecurity of rural households in rural Kermanshah county. Using multi-stage sampling method, 82 samples from rural villages of Mahidasht and Baladarband Districts were selected for study. The main instrument was the HIFAS questionnaire. The results indicate that 74.5 percent of the studied rural households were in mild and severe food insecurity groups. Correlation analysis showed that the household income, non-food expenditure, number of food supplying center, household, house owning, crops yields, number of husbandry animal, and the distance to city center have significant correlation with food insecurity.



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