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Heydar Gholizadeh

احمد ایزدی، حیدر قلی‌زاده، محمد بادسار
بررسی اثرات پدیده ریزگرد بر بعد اجتماعی کیفیت زندگی از دیدگاه خانوارهای روستایی شهرستان سروآباد
Investigating the Effects of the Dust Phenomenon on the Social Dimension of Quality of Life from the Perspective of the Rural Households in Sarvabad County

Quality of life is a concept to show the amount of individual satisfaction of their life. In other words, quality of life is a criterion for determining satisfaction and dissatisfaction of individuals and groups from the different aspects of life. There are many risks that affect the quality of life which dust phenomena is one of them. Dust phenomenon has negative effects and consequences such as impress the quality of human life, economy, health and damage the environmental resources of rural communities. This study has been conducted with aims to assess the effects of the dust phenomenon on the social dimensions of Sarvabad villagers' quality of life. Research methodology of this study is a descriptive- analytical and in terms of purpose was practical research. Research information has been collected through library reviewed and a survey method by using questionnaires. The study population was the villagers from Sarvabad Township, which were selected 300 rural households as sample by using Cochran formula. To analyze the data, descriptive and inferential statistical techniques and SPSS and Excel software were used. The result showed that dust phenomenon had negative effects on quality of life social dimension.



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