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Hassan Shayani-jam

Roya Tahaei, Hassan Shayani-Jam, Mohammad Reza Yaftian
Voltammetric determination of trace copper (II), cadmium (II), and lead (II) using a Schiff base modified glassy carbon working electrode

A Schiff base ligand named bis(5-bromo-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde) 1,2-propanediimine has been used to fabricate a modified glassy carbon electrode for the selective voltammetric detection of the low-level of Cu(II). The electrochemical behavior of unmodified and modified electrodes was investigated using the cyclic voltammetry technique, while the optimization of the parameters affecting the electrode characteristics and its analytical performance were evaluated by employing the differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry. Under the optimized conditions (pH 4, decomposition time 360 s, decomposition potential vs. SCE − 1.2 V), the peak current variation as a function of the copper(II) concentration in the range of 10–100 nM was linear, with a calculated detection limit of 4.2 nM. The evaluated selectivity, reproducibility, and repeatability of the developed modified electrode showed its satisfactory performance. The ability of the prepared electrode was evaluated by its application for the analysis of Cu(II) in a fish liver tissue sample. It was confirmed also that the proposed modifie delectrode can be successfuly used for the determination of Cd(II) and Pb(II).



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