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Hamid Nadjari

MohsenGhaderi Goran Abad, Mahsa Mahdieh, MohadesehVeisi, Hamid Nadjari & Mohammad Mahmoudi
Coherent control of Optical limiting in atomic systems

Generation and control of the reverse saturable absorption (RSA) and optical limiting (OL) are investigated in a four-level Y-type quantum system. It is demonstrated that the applied laser felds induce the RSA and it can be coherently controlled by either intensity or frequency of the applied laser felds. The efect of the static magnetic feld on the induced RSA is studied and we obtain that it has a constructive role in determining the intensity range in which the OL is established in the system. In addition, we fnd that the transmission of the suggested optical limiter can be decreased either by increasing the length of the medium or by getting the atomic system denser. Finally, the Z-scan technique is presented to confrm our theoretical results. The proposed scheme can be used in designing the coherent optical limiters with controllable threshold and intensity range of the OL.



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