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Ali Eskandari

Farahmand, S., Eskandari, A., Vinciguerra, M.T., Orselli, L. and Karegar, A.
New and known species of the family Mononchidae (Nematoda) from Iran

One new species of the genus Prionchulus (Cobb, 1916) and two known ones of the genera Clarkus Jairajpuri, 1970 and Coomansus Jairajpuri & Khan, 1977 collected from Olang forest in the northern part of Iran are described and illustrated. Prionchulus iranicus sp. n. is characterized by the medium size of body (L=2.27-2.67 mm), thick-walled buccal cavity (43.5-46 µm long × 28-31 µm wide), protruding cephalic papillae, relatively anterior position of dorsal tooth, didelphic female reproductive apparatus with symmetrical and reflexed ovaries, absence of advulval papillae and a short tail (100-132.5 µm). An identification key for the Iranian Prionchulus species as well as descriptions and additional morphometrics are given for females of Clarkus papillatus (Bastian, 1865) and Coomansus parvus (de Man, 1880).



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