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Hossein Farahani

حسین فراهانی، زهرا اصدقی سراسکانرود
بررسی تاثیر شبکه جمع آوری شیر بر توسعه نواحی روستایی و تقویت پیوندهای اقتصادی، اجتماعی سکونتگاه های روستایی_شهری، نمونه موردی: بخش مرکزی شهرستان هشترود
The survey of the impact of the milk collection network on the development in rural area and enhancing social and economic rural_urban linkage, a case study of central district in Hashtrood Township

Abstract This research has been studied the effects of the milk collection network on the rural development, increase rural welfare and strengthen rural-urban linkage especially in socially and economic dimension. For this mean descriptive and analytical research methods were used. For collecting data needed documentary methods and field studies has been applied. In the field studies some of tools like observation and complement questionnaires and interviews were used to collect data and information. For this, through stratified sampling 42 villages and 15 milk collector in central district of Hashtrood township has been selected. In order to description and analyzing collected data, the Spss software and descriptive statistics was applied. For hypothesis testing research Wilcoxon signed rank test was applied. The results indicate that the creation of infrastructure and facilities for collection, processing and marketing dairy products were essential prerequisite for the development of dairy activities and the underlying increase the welfare and economic development and improving relations between urban and rural area. Therefore, in order Diversifying agricultural income, especially considering how and what of the production of milk and livestock production in this section, along with reduce production costs can increase income and welfare in the rural area as well as can help to create and diversify job opportunity and finally economic sustainability. Keywords: network, rural development, rural linkages, Hashtrood Township



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