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Hossein Farahani

حسین فراهانی، احمد رستم خانی  
بررسي و ارزيابي نقش دهياري ها بر كيفيت زندگي در روستاها؛ مطالعه موردي دهستان كرسف شهرستان خدابنده
Evaluation of the role of the Dehyaries in the quality of rural life, case study: Carasf county in Khodabande Township  

Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of Dehyariha on quality of life in Karasf rural district in Khodabandeh city. In this regard, first the history of rural management in Iran and also Dehyariha and its duties as executives in the villages has been discussed and then the role of Dehyariha on villagers’ quality of life has been review and evaluation. This research is descriptive-analytical. Statistical society of this study is comprised of Karasf rural district in Khodabandeh city. The number of cases was selected according to proportion of households in each village. Reliability of research buoy was measured using Cronbach's alpha statistic that was equal to 0.875. SPSS software was used for data analysis. Mann Whitney U statistical test was used to compare the quality of life in rural areas. Also the eight indicators of educational, environmental, social support networks, economic, health and safety, residential environment, infrastructure and leisure has been reviewed and evaluated. Results showed significant differences between villages with and without Dhyariha in seven indexes of the compared eight indicators. From the buoys that reviewed in present study differences showed no significant only in the leisure index. Keywords: Quality of life, Dehyariha, Khodabandeh City



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