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Hossein Farahani

حسین فراهانی، مجتبی حاجی پور
سنجش و ارزیابی کیفیت زندگی در بازسازی¬های پس از سانحه، نمونه موردی: دهستان شیروان
Evaluation of the quality of life in the reconstruction after disaster (case study: Shirvan county in the province of Lorestan)

  Measuring and assessing of the quality of life’s rural people in reconstruction after disaster using the multiple Attribute Decision making fazi-topsis model Farahani H. Assistant prof. in departemant of Geography, University of Zanjan Hajipoor M. Student in Geography and rural planning. University of Zanjan   Abstract: Experiences of recent decades have shown that in many cases, reconstruction programs are not typically comprehensive and multidimensional Because of an emergency that there was In the process of After-disaster reconstruction. In these cases, the quantity of construction and the physical reconstruction more can be seen than the other aspect such as the social, economic and physical reconstruction or the quality of physical reconstruction. So Among the issues in recent years has been considered in the patterns of reconstruction is the Issue quality of life, that in the most Reconstructed public spaces its lack is felt. In hence the aim of this study is to evaluate quality of life in after disaster reconstruction and investigates that how does it affected by the reconstruction process. The study area of this research is the Shirvan district that was damaged during the earthquake of April 1385. The Methodology of this research is descriptive and analytic using quantity models. The required data is collected using questionnaire. Based on the analyses, the quality of life in Shirvan County ranked in to three classes, high, medium and low. For recognizing classes of the quality of life, 8 indexes has weighted using of AHP model. After that Topsis as a multiple Attribute Decision making model was applied. Results shows that Bacazna and Basari  with 0/7812 & 0/7418 have had the highest quality of life and Tanjor and Darti with 0/3959 & 0/4272 have had the lowest quality of life.   Key words: reconstruction, disaster, quality of life, Shirvan County.  



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