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Hossein Farahani

جمشید عینالی، حسین فراهانی، سمیرا سهرابی وفا
ارزیابی نفش یکپارچه سازی اراضی کشاورزی در بهبود تولید در بهره برداری های آبی: دهستان خرارود، شهرستان خدابنده
Evaluton of the Role of Agricultural land Consolidation in improving the efficiency of Produtoin Factors in Irrigated exploitations Case Study: Khararoud County- Khodabandeh Township

Abstract One of the major challenges in agricultural development in rural area is the lack of optimum utilization of the factors of production, particularly land and water that it is in related with the distribution of land belonging to each of the beneficiaries. To solve this challenge in different countries land consolidation policy as a reasonable and operational solution is used. The aim of this study is to evaluate the role of participatory land consilodation to improve the efficiency of production factors in Units of agricultural production in irrigated lands in Khararoud county in Khodabandeh township. In this applied research we used descriptive– analytical methods, and data collection of the Library and field methods (questionnaires, observation and interviews) were used. For this purpose, from 50 projects that have been implemented with the cooperation of 285 of farmers in two recent decades, 104 farmers were chosen by Using Cochran sampling. For data analysis statistical methods such as Pearson chi-square test, Croostabs tables, non-parametric Wilcoxon test, Friedman test and analysis of variance were used. The results of study show that significant difference occurred in the number of pieces of land belonging each operator, and this is able to make important changes in increasing production factors. On the other hand, from the viewpoint of sample farmers, the maximum and minimum direct effects on the productivity of agricultural production factors are related to farmers’ income and employment, and costs of agricultural activities with a value of 0.498 and 0.024 respectively. Keywords improving the efficiency; factors of production; land consolidation; agricultural development  



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