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Hossein Farahani

حسين فراهاني، رضا خوشرفتار، مجتبي حاجي پور
ارزيابي فرآيند مشاركت مردم در بازسازي سكونتگاههاي زلزله زده(مطالعه موردي: دهستان شيروان)
Evaluating process of people participation reconstruction of earthquake settlement Case stydy: Shirvan District

Evaluating process of people participation reconstruction of earthquake settlement Case stydy: Shirvan District Abstract We meat with many variables at the time of performance of reconstruction project after events, that one of the most importance of them is the subject of participation in process of reconstruction, to say, interference of views, demands and active and alert presence of people in performance reconstruction projects, that in addition to people,s satisfaction can reach excusable results from success dimension in promotion of goals. This subject indicates closely relation between people and reconstruction projects. The goal of research is evalution of people participation process in reconstruction of damage settlement. Case study is Shirvan county from Brourjerd town ship that faces with serious destruction with in earthquake in 2006. The research is based on analysis-correlative method required data has collected with use of quastionaire acquired results from this evalutions indicate that besides the great impotance of attention to people,s request and interests eapecially in rural area and also lake of experiences other countries fromm failure of this projects for participation of people again suffered people and their demands has not observed at whole frame and financial dimensions with in reconstruction. Key words: people participation, reconstruction, earthquake, Shirvan, damaged settlement Methodology and conclusion In present study for people participation evalution in reconstruction of damge houses, participation, fivefold dimension: frame, social, psychology, financial and humanity dimensions have been eveluted for doing research with use of Cochran formula, sample 190, among family supervisors, accidently selected 39 rural in Shirvan district and for every rural this dimension were selected quotally and any of dimensions were studied. The tool of data collecting is quastionaire that researcher, with attention to research go has prepared. Evalution credit, at first from method of containing credit has been used for increasing credit of quastionaire. In this method first step with use of tested scales imparticipation research and polling of master an expert was taken. Then compilated quastionaire with in too stages, pilimary and finally, filled out and with evalution acquired answeres of 30 quastionaire and performance of suitable statistical accountings, it has been used in statistical soft ware environment of SPSS, from descriptive statistical for description of sample characteristic and t twst for theories and regression analysis test for creating cously model of participation in reconstruction with considering compand approach in this study 21 indicies in format of five frame, financial, humanity, psychology and social dimension were design and examined that we can concept from aqauired conclusion that inspite of importance of people participation lay emphasis on it based on t test in regression to study it has been in low level people participation, and this is a danger rust for later reconstruction. Because lack of showing partial view and participating sufferd people, cause lack of acceptance achieved reconstructions from people. Is affair that is couse abandane built houses and building new houses in accounding to one,s requirement and interest what we observed day to day



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