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Mansour Ojaghi

M. Ojaghi, M. Sabouri, and J. Faiz,
Diagnosis Methods for Stator Winding Faults in Three-phase Squirrel-cage Induction Motors
روشهای تشخیص عیب سیم پیچ استاتور در موتورهای القایی سه فاز قفس سنجابی

Induction motors condition monitoring is a very important process for immediate detection of the incipient faults. This prevents the spread of the faults up to risky degrees and avoids catastrophic stop of the motor and related production line. The stator winding fault is one of the most commonly occurring faults in ac machines. This paper is a comprehensive survey on the stator winding faults causes, diagnosis methods, indexes and modeling and simulation methods. An efficient method is used to model and simulate the squirrel-cage induction motor performance under inter-turn fault. The results are used to obtain the performance of some common indexes of the fault and recognize the most proper index. Finally, some simulation results are compared to the corresponding experimental results and good agreements are achieved.



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