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Hassan Reza Mirzaei

H. R. Mirzaei, A. Akbari, E. Gockenbach, and K. Miralikhani
Advancing New Techniques for UHF PD Detection and Localization in the Power Transformers in the Factory Tests

Partial discharge (PD) detection in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range is state of the art. One of the most critical points in this detection method is adopting proper and suitable antenna design. In this paper, a new design of UHF antennas is introduced which is suitable to be used on the transformers in the HV laboratories of the manufacturers. To ensure the applicability of the new antenna, experimental UHF PD measurements are carried out on a transformer tank model as well as on the real power transformers. Installing several UHF antennas on the transformer tank to perform defect localization is also an important issue. There are rigorous limitations and lack of the places to install the antennas. This problem is almost solved by using the mentioned new antenna design. The proper positioning of the antennas is the other critical point in the UHF method. Placing the antennas in improper positions will damage the localization accuracy. In this paper, an automatic algorithm is introduced to determine the best installation positions for the antennas to enhance the localization accuracy. The efficacy of this algorithm is investigated by using the results of experimental measurements on power transformers.



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