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Hassan Reza Mirzaei

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
On-Line Tap Changer Monitoring for Defect Identification    Leader   2018Zanjan regional electric companyZanjan regional electric company
Investigating Partial Discharge (PD) Detection in the UHF Frequency Range for Defect Localization   LeaderMarch 2010August  2013Iran Transfo CompanyIran Transfo Company
Investigating Practical Methods to Automate the Analysis of the Partial Discharge Patterns in the Power Generators   ColleagueAugust 2009August  2010Khoozetan Warter and Power CompanyKhoozetan Warter and Power Company
Transformer Winding Monitoring Using Frequecy Responce Analysis (FRA)   ColleagueAugust 2009August  2010Niroo Research Institute (NRI)Niroo Research Institute (NRI)
Investigating the Relation Between Partial Discharge Patterns Acquired by Measuring Devices and Power Transformers Defect    LeaderJune 2006August  2008Iran Transfo CompanyIran Transfo Company



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