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Ali Eskandari

علی چناری، غلامرضاا نیکنام و علی اسکندری
معرفی چند گونه criconematid از پوشش گیاهی تبریز و حومه
Some species of criconematids from Tabriz and its suburbs

In order to identify plant-parasitic nematodes belonging to criconematids in Tabriz and its suburbs, 85 soil and root samples were collected from rhizosphere of vegetations during 2006-2007. The nematodes were recovered using the sieving and centrifugal-flotation technique and processed to anhydrous glycerin. The extracted nematodes were mounted in permanent microscopic slides. As a result, one species of Criconema, under the name of C. mutabile, seven species of Criconemoides, viz. C. antipolitanus , C. curvatus , C. informis , C. ornatus , C. parvus , C. pseudosolivagus and C. xenoplax; two species of Ogma, viz. O. civellae and O. fimbriatum; and three species of Hemicycliophora,viz. H. poranga , H. sturhani and H. vaccinium were identified. H. vaccinium and O. fimbriatum are new records from Iran.



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