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Parvaneh Nakhostin Panahi

Kazem D. Safa, Leila Sarchami, Maryam Allahvirdinesbat, Aynaz Feyzi and Parvaneh Nakhostin Panahi
Synthesis of 2‑aryl-1,1-bis(silyl)alkenes-containing tetrasubstituted imidazoles catalysed by M–Cu/ZSM‑5 (M: Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, V, Zn and Fe) zeolites-supported bimetallic nanostructures

The one-pot synthesis of tetrasubstituted imidazoles by using a series of M–Cu/ZSM‑5 (M: Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, V, Zn and Fe) zeolitessupported bimetallic catalysts was studied. Fe–Cu/ZSM‑5 bimetallic oxide catalyst had the highest activity in improving the efficiency of the heterogeneous cyclo-condensation reaction. Some imidazole derivatives terminated by vinylbis(silanes) have been synthesised using (Me3Si)3CLi through the Peterson olefination reaction.



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