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Ali Eskandari

ابراهیم پورجم، فرزاد علی رمجی، اکبر کارگر بیده، آزاده قره خانی و علی اسکندری
معرفی چند گونه از نماتدهای خانواده Dolichodoridae Chitwood in Chitwood & Chitwood, 1950 از ایران
Some species of Dolichodoridae Chitwood in Chitwood & Chitwood, 1950 from Iran

In the study of nematode collection of Nematology Laboratory of Tarbiat Modares University, seven species of the family Dolicodoridae belonging to the genera Merlinius, Tylenchorhynchus and Quinisulcius were identified viz, M. bavaricus, M. brevidens, M. plerorbus, T. divittatus, T. goffarti, T. latus and Q. capitatus. Among these species, M. bavaricus, M. plerorbus and T. divitatus are new records for nematodes fauna of Iran. M. bavaricus is distinguished from other species by cephalic skeleton not refractive and fine striae on head and body, thin stylet with rounded knobs, bilobed spermatheca and tail length unstriated terminus. The female characters of Merlinius plerorbus include constricted head, stylet 15-16µm long, 39-50 µm long tail with 24-32 annules, a smoothly rounded terminus and lobed spermatheca. T. divittatus is distinguished from related species by having lateral fields marked by only three incisures, a well set-off lip region bearing six to seven annuls, stylet 17-20µm long, presence of a post-anal extension of the intestine and phasmids located behind middle of tail.



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