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Ali Eskandari

 علی اسکندری، اکبر کارگر بیده و ابراهیم پورجم
معرفی سه گونه نماتد غلاف دار (sheath nematode) از ایران
Three species of sheath nematodes from Iran

During the taxonomic studies on the nematodes of the family Criconematidae in Iran, three species of sheath nematodes, including  Hemicriconemoides strictathecatus , Hemicycliophora lutosa  and H . sturhani  were identified from soil and root samples collected from different fields, orchards, forests and pastures. The first species was found in rhizosphere of date palm in Kerman, walnut in Ghazvin and citrus in Bandar Abbas and Kerman; the second from soil around the roots of  millet in Asalem fo rest and the third one from soil around the roots of wild garlic in Damghan and willow in Shahrood were collected



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