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Davud Mohammadpur

Anseh Danesh Arasteh, Davud Mohammadpur, Majid Meghdadi
MapReduce Based Implementation of Aggregate Functions on Cassandra
پیاده سازی MapReduce ای از توابع تجمعی در Cassandra

MapReduce is a simple and powerful processing model that allows parallel scalable programs to run on large volume of data on massive cluster of computers. Besides, Cassandra is a popular database of NoSQL solutions. According to scientific knowledge, still there are no general suitable procedures to perform arbitrary calculations in this database on MapReduce model. So, in this paper we propose some procedures based on MapReduce model that are needed generally to perform variety of aggregate operations on Cassandra. Our evaluation, compare with the most common methods shows significant improvement in performance on multicore computers and a set of peer machines.



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