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Ali Eskandari

شیلا رهبری، زهرا تنهامعافی، علی اسکندری و مزدشت گیتی
تعیین پاتوتیپ‏ و خصوصیات مولکولی تعدادی از جمعیت‌هاي ایرانی نماتد سیستي سیب‏زمینی (Globodera rostochiensis) و تأثیر ارقام مقاوم و حساس بر تفریخ تخم
Pathotype and molecular characteristics of some Iranian potato cyst nematode populations, Globodera rostochiensis and impact of the resistant and susceptible potato cultivars on egg hatching

Potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis was reported from potato fields of Bahar County in Hamadan Province in 2008. In order to determine the pathotype of potato cyst nematode, ten populations of potato cyst nematode were collected from different potato fields in Bahar regions. Species identification was based on the morphological and morphometric characters of second stage juveniles and cysts, and by using speciesspecific primers and nucleotide sequences of the D2-D3 expansion segments of the 28S rRNA gene. Four potato cultivars viz Désirée, Marfona, Sante and Agria were used for pathotype determination, in pot experiments. The plants were treated by 6 ± 1 eggs and second stage juveniles and maintained in growth chambers at 18-22°C for three months. Based on the results of resistance assessment and relative susceptibility of the tested cultivars the pathotype of the populations was determined as Ro1. The obtained sequences were compared through BLAST search from the NCBI and the phylogenic tree was depicted. The impact of susceptible cultivars Marfona, Désirée, resistant cultivars sante, and Agria on egg hatching indicated that there is no significant difference among the cultivars in most pot experiments and all the cultivars were placed in the same statistical groups.



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