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Ali Eskandari

مریم مولائی، زهرا تنهامعافی و علی اسکندری
شناسایی نماتدهای خانواده Pratylenchidae در باغات پسته و تاکستانهای استان قم
Identification of the Nematodes of Pratylenchidea Family associated with Pistachio and Vine Yards in Qom Province

In a study to identify the plant parasitic nematodes of pistachio and vine yards in Qom province, 125 soil samples were collected from different regions during 2008 and 2009. Nematodes were extracted from soil, fixed and processed to anhydrous glycerin, permanent slides were prepared from the fixed specimens. After microscopic consideration, the morphological and morphometric characters were studied, and identification was done based on these characters. A part of the identified species belonging to Pratylenchidae family including Pratylenchus thornei, P. neglectus and Zygotylenchus guevaraei are presented and their morphological and morphometric characteristics are discussed.



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