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Parvaneh Nakhostin Panahi

Maryam Allahvirdinesbat, Mohaddeseh Fozi, Kazem D. Safa, Maryam Alyari, Parvaneh Nakhostin Panahi, Aligholi Niaei
Synthesis of silyl-protected terminal thioalkyne-substituted tetraaryl imidazoles: Utilization of Ag–Fe/ZSM-5 bimetallic nano-oxides for cyclo-condensation of polysubstituted imidazoles

An improved one-pot and eco-friendly approach to tri- and tetraaryl imidazoles through the three- and fourcomponent coupling reactions under neutral and solvent-less solid phase conditions is presented. A series of nanosized Ag/metal oxide species on the H_ZSM_5 support have been tested in this procedure and Ag–Fe/ZSM-5 bimetallic oxide nanoparticle has been exhibited excellent catalytic activity in developing the efficiency of the one-pot, multicomponent cyclo-condensation reaction. The obtained bromo-imidazole derivatives were converted into silyl-protected terminal alkynyl thiolates substituted tetraaryl imidazoles by treatment with lithium 2,2,2- tris(trimethylsilyl)ethanedithioate, produced by the reaction of organolithium reagent, (Me3Si)3CLi, with CS2 at 0 °C. These novel and stable synthetic intermediates are potential compounds for the functionalization of imidazoles



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