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Majtaba Nasiri

M Nasiri, R Shirsavar, S Mollaei, A Ramos
Numerical study of soap-film flow by nonuniform alternating electric fields
مطالعه عددی جریان سیال در لایه صابون تحت میدانهای متناوب نایکنواخت

Fluid flow of suspended liquid films induced by non-uniform alternating electric fields has been reported. The electric fields were generated by two rod-like electrodes perpendicular to the fluid surface. The observed fluid flow was explained qualitatively by considering a charge induction mechanism, where the electric field actuates on the charge induced on the film surface. In this paper we perform a numerical study of this fluid flow taking into account the charge induction mechanism. The numerical results are compared with experiments and good agreement is found. Finally, we propose the application of the device as a new kind of two dimensional fluid pump.



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