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Farzaneh Zolhasani

فرزانه ذوالحسنی- مریم خوشدل روحانی
حياء فضيلتي بنيادين يا هيجاني زودگذر
Shame is a lasting virtue or fleeting excitement

The necessity of Islamic-Iranian pattern of shame and making culture based on it، is visible For our today society. this article As a prelude to presenting this model، With an analytical – descriptive method endeavor to Review and induct the virtue of shame in Shia ethics tradition. The dominant theory in west current psychoanalysis considers Shame such as negative Individual s self-conscious emotions. After making an error in public Targeting human dignity and must be reduced. Benedict with his theory of different meaning of shame opened different approach beyond shame investigation Based on the diversity of cultures that received less attention. Scholars on this article are trying to explain the Quiddity، reason and modality of shame and its Actions and consequences in Shia ethics tradition.in this system shame considers as sustainable، fundamental virtue، Knowledge-based restraint and human dignity protector however Extremes would be harmful.   Keywords: Modesty, Shame, Ethics tradition, Shame psychology



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