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Mansour Ojaghi

Mansour Ojaghi, and Sina Daliri
Analytic Model for Performance Study and Computer Aided Design of Single-phase Shaded-Pole Induction Motors

Single-phase shaded-pole induction motors (SPIMs) are widely used in low-power applications. These motors have low cost, low efficiency and simple construction. However, mathematical modeling of the SPIMs is rather complicated. This paper proposes an analytic model for performance study of SPIMs using winding function theory. Considering the low efficiency, core loss is included in the model by adding an appropriate resistance in parallel to the stator main winding. A commercial SPIM is selected for the modeling and simulation purpose. Physical inspection and measurements as well as dc and no-load tests results and Genetic Algorithm (GA) are used for extracting required technical data of the motor. Correctness of the modeling and simulation process is verified by comparison to experimental results. This model can be used in computer aided design of the SPIMs, particularly, for selecting optimal values for the angular spans and resistances of the stator short circuited loops as well as the skewing and resistance of the rotor bars.



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