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Davood Rezaei

Davood Rezaei
Nanotechnology, a Step toward Sustainable Architecture

Global warming, thinning Ozone layer affected by increasing greenhouse gases and various pollutants, increasing environmental pollution and consequently extinction of biological species all lead to focus on environmental issues and ecology as the “sustainable environment” which have been studied extensively during the recent decades. Nanotechnology demonstrates amazing properties by taking control in molecular and atomic levels of materials. Regarding this matter, nanotechnology can be considered as one of the most efficient and innovative ways to achieve environmental sustainability goals. This technology enables us to produce materials, tools and new systems that lead to dramatic improvements in production, transmission, storage and consumption of energy. Firstly, this study points to the principles governing “Green Architecture”, secondly, the achievements of nanotechnology and the satisfactory of this achievement in meeting the sustainable architecture goals that surely is conservation of nonrenewable resources, adaptation and utilization of natural environmental factors has been studied.



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