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dariush Salimi

ثریا رفیعی، مرادپاشا اسکندری نسب، داریوش سلیمی، محمد طاهر هرکی نژاد، روناک خرمتايی
طراحي نرم افزار پيش بيني ارزش ارثي حيوانات با استفاده از اطلاعات کمي و مولکولي
Designing a software for prediction of animal breeding values using quantitative and molecular information

The present study was attempted to produce MAS software. This software uses a combination of quantitative and molecular information for the prediction of breeding values. Some genes that control a trait have major effects comparing with others. These genes are called major genes which are located on QTLs (quantitative trait loci). Our understanding on inheritance pattern of QTL can be helpful in selection programs via marker assisted selection (MAS). This provides an opportunity to increase the genetic progress of domestic animals by MAS. The marker assisted selection performance are based on an index, consists of phenotypic and molecular markers data. The MAS software based on mixed model methods (MMM) was established with the C# programming language. This software designed based on animal models with matrix form for predicting breeding values. To identify polymorphism in promoter region of DGAT1 gene, DNA was extracted from blood samples, the PCR process performed on DNA samples. Allelic and genotypic frequencies of animals were characterized. MASS software was used for the prediction of breeding values for 80 male lambs of Afshari sheep in research-education farm of Zanjan University. To compare the results, analyses were also performed using SAS software. Comparing the predicted breeding values obtained from MAS software and SAS indicated the effect of molecular marker in selection based on the combination of molecular and phenotypic information.



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